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Terms and Conditons

Website Terms

When you choose to make use of The Clothing Manufacturers’ website and services, please be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. By engaging with The Clothing Manufacturers, you accept those terms in full – no exceptions! The team at The Clothing Manufacturers works hard to ensure that all orders are completed as per your instructions, but we must make it clear: if there is a failure to follow those specific instructions, we cannot accept any liability on our end. Nevertheless, rest assured knowing that your statutory rights remain unaltered.

Terms of Use

      • With a wealth of information available on this website, it’s important to remember that all content provided is intended for general use and as such, no guarantees or warranties are expressed or implied as to its accuracy.

      • As the user of this website, you accept responsibility for these materials; framed by our terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer.

      • At any point in time we may decide to variate these terms, so please keep an eye out for updates! All in all, here at our site we aim to provide the most up-to-date and accurate resources in order to make sure you’re in good hands.

      • Our website utilizes cookies to personalize your experience and make sure that you’re getting the most out of it.

      • No need to break your back reading complicated privacy policies either- just accept the use of cookies and rest assured that you are using our site to its full potential!

      • While there may be some errors or inaccuracies, we’ve done everything in our power to make this site a risk-free zone for our users.

      • We want you to have as much control over your experience here as possible so go ahead and browse without worrying about liability or responsibility.


    If you’ve come to our website, we want you to know that all of the material here is lovingly created and owned by us – from sleek designs to vibrant colors. Unauthorized use of any of it may seem tempting, but it’s not allowed – any infringements will be met with swift legal action! We have high standards for our content, so make sure you stick around for more of our fantastic work.

    Other Links

    We know that sometimes you may need to look beyond our website for more information, so we’ve got you covered! We provide links on our page to other websites in order to keep you informed. As part of our commitment to providing a valuable service, these links are intended as a handy resource – perfect for those moments when you just need that extra info! Don’t forget – while the links come from us, we can’t be responsible for what shows up once you click them.

    Contract Guidelines

    The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that any order placed with the Supplier is in accordance with these Conditions. This includes the accuracy of the terms and any specifications sent along. The Contract applies exclusively to business customers – those purchasing Goods mainly for use within their trade, business, craft, or profession. Individuals buying Goods under these conditions will still qualify as a business customer. Put simply, if you’re looking to purchase products from the Supplier, make sure it’s in line with applicable terms and that you are indeed a business customer as defined in this Contract!

    Supplier’s Contract

    When Supplier issues a written acceptance of the Order, this will be the indicator that the Contract has come into effect. Without any doubt, the Customer must abide by these predetermined Conditions and waive any privileges — if applicable — of using documents which have different terms and conditions. Any samples, drawings, descriptions, or illustrations contained in Supplier’s catalogues are purely used to give an idea of what the Goods are going to be like; they simply cannot be taken as part of the Contract nor as having any contractual force. Lastly, quotations generated by Supplier should not be considered an offer and will remain valid only for 7 Business Days after their corresponding issue date.

    Final Note On Color Assurance

    Our Goods are illustrated online with great care and accuracy in order to display their colors, but due to discrepancies between computer screens and reality we can’t guarantee that what you’re seeing online is identical to the product itself. For customers that require print, embroidery or garment color matching- Pantone/Color references are available for an even more accurate view. That being said, each computer monitor displays a slightly different hues and shades, making it impossible to judge precisely how any product will appear without physically seeing it in person. So when looking for something specific be sure to confirm with the supplier beforehand if possible!

    Quality Guarantee

    When you order handmade goods from our supplier, rest assured that attention to detail is paramount. Our supplier has carefully crafted each and every piece in compliance with the highest standards, despite their being handmade. Please note, however, that any size, weight, capacity, dimension or measurement provided within an order should be taken as a mere estimate. The final packaging may also differ to what is depicted in images on our site. We hope that this information helps you when ordering goods from us and assures you of the quality of goods and services we provide.

    Contractual Indemnification Of The Supplier

    The Supplier relies on Customers to put forth Specifications that are valid and comply with third-party intellectual property rights. To ensure the Supplier is appropriately indemnified, should a claim be made against them in connection to their use of the Specification, this clause ‎3.3 guarantees the Customer shall indemnify in full extent against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses sustained. All interests and legal fees will be included as a part of this indemnification as well. This also applies after termination of the Contract. It is essential both parties are made aware of this clause ‎3.3 to ensure quality completion of their agreement.

    Product Specification

    The Customer’s compliance with the Supplier’s request for necessary information related to the manufacture of Goods is an important element of producing a product in accordance with the intended Specification. The Supplier reserves the right to revise the Specification if required by any relevant statutory requirements and they may allow a customer to order one unit of a new design colored and sized as per their specification, for clarification of conformance to design. This will provide customers with an understanding of how this item will fit into production processes and lessen any potential issues arising before large quantities are ordered.

    Prototyping 101

    When ordering Prototypes it is important to be aware that there are no warranties or guarantees regarding their fit, form, function, quality or design. The Supplier provides no such assurances which is why receiving complimentary pre-production samples during the development phase provides a stronger level of assurance for customers who need the peace of mind that their products conform to the specified criteria. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that purchasing Prototypes is a risk-based decision and the customer must always bear the associated costs should any give item fail to meet expectations.

    Manufacturing Samples

    The supplier cannot commence manufacture until all necessary information and visuals for the product have been provided to them by the customer and approved. Once accepted, such approval is considered to be a final confirmation that any items produced with such samples comply with the stated standard. This ensures that products adhere to desired quality, design, and technical criteria so customers always receive exactly what they order.

    Custom Sample Production & Branding Agreement

    In the event that the Customer requests additional samples to be produced, the Supplier will advise them of any associated costs. Additionally, physical items sent to The Clothing Manufacturers by the Customer for use in production processes are sent at the sole risk of the Customer and no warranties or guarantees can be provided that these items can be returned. If return is possible then it must be covered by the Customer’s expense. It is essential that these conditions are read thoroughly to ensure all requirements are met.


    The Supplier takes great care to ensure that each delivery of Goods is properly documented with a delivery note detailing the quantity and type of Goods being sent. Additionally, any special storage instructions associated with the Goods are included on the delivery note. To improve efficiency, the Supplier may request that certain returnable packaging materials be made available for collection by the Supplier at a convenient location and time. Returns of these materials are done at no expense to the Customer.

    Supplier Delivery Responsibilities

    The Supplier shall ensure that orders placed with them reach the agreed-upon Delivery Location at the appointed time. Upon unloading of Goods, delivery is considered to have been fulfilled. However, customers should note that any dates quoted for delivery are merely approximations and therefore the Supplier is not liable for any delay due to Force Majeure or if they are not sufficiently provided with delivery instructions.

    Suppliers Liability

    The Supplier would be ill-advised to fail in delivering the Goods on time, as their liability will be limited to the costs incurred by the Customer for obtaining similar or replacement goods, along with other possible charges. In case of a Force Majeure Event or failure of providence of adequate delivery instructions from the Customer’s side, the Supplier shall not be held responsible. Such specifications are also outlines that the Supplier’s liability cannot exceed a certain limit.

    Delivery and Acceptance

    If the Customer fails to accept delivery of the Goods when notified that it is ready, then, provided neither a Force Majeure Event nor the Supplier’s failure to comply with contractual obligations are at fault, delivery will be assumed at 9.00am on the third Business Day following notification. In such an event, the Supplier will store the Goods and all associated costs and expenses, including insurance, shall be charged to the Customer.

    Returns Policy

    The Supplier will allow the Customer a reasonable period of time to take delivery, as ten Business Days is generally enough for goods to reach their destination. However, should the Customer not take delivery in this window and fail to communicate alternative arrangements with the Supplier, they may be subject to further costs. The Supplier reserves the right to resell or dispose of part or all of the Goods if the Customer has failed to complete delivery and will deduct reasonable storage costs prior to sale which themselves may be incurred by the Customer. Refunds issued against sale values may therefore be reduced where deemed appropriate.

    Supplier Compliance with Orders of Customer

    The Supplier must fulfill the exact quantity of Goods ordered by the Customer. If for any reason the Supplier delivers up to and including 10% more or less than what was requested, the Customer may not reject them. However, in such cases, upon notice from the Customer that an incorrect quantity of Goods was received, the Supplier shall have the discretion to take necessary steps accordingly. For example, if a shortfall of Goods was delivered then either additional Goods can be provided or a pro rata adjustment can be made to the invoice for the Goods. Similarly, if an excess in quantity is observed, then a pro rata adjustment to the invoice shall be made.

    Price Overrides on Orders

    The Supplier accepts the standard price for Goods being purchased as stated in the Order, unless otherwise specified. Should an increase in cost occur due to any uncontrollable factors beyond the Supplier’s control, such as currency fluctuation, taxes and duties, or labor and material costs, the Supplier shall notify the Customer up to 5 business days prior to delivery of these changes. Any requested modification to order delivery dates, quantities or specification may also prompt a change in price. Delay as a result of soundless instruction or inadequate information tendered by the Customer can all affect a potential increase in pricing overrides.

    Force Majeure                                                                          

    The Contract makes provision for both parties should a Force Majeure Event take place. In such a situation, neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance and the affected party will be granted an extension to their obligations accordingly. However, should the period of delay or non-performance continue for 6 months, then the Contract can be terminated by giving 14 days’ written notice to the affected party. This demonstrates both understanding and fairness towards the situation that neither party can manage directly, reassuring that each are working within the expectations of this document.