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Unveiling the Collar Gallery: Discovering the Many Types of Shirt Collars

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Are you curious about the importance of shirt collars in men’s and women’s fashion? Have you ever wondered what differentiates the various types of shirt collars? Look no further – in this blog post, we will be uncovering the hidden details of shirt collars and their significance. We’ll begin by defining shirt collars, explaining their importance in the fashion world, and then diving into the specifics of each type of collar. After that, we’ll provide an overview of the blog structure and conclude by discussing the overall impact of shirt collars on fashion.

Historical Significance of Shirt Collars

Shirt collars have been a staple of men’s and women’s fashion for centuries. They have evolved over time, with each style serving a unique purpose. In ancient times, collars were worn as a symbol of social status. Kings and queens wore collars made of precious metals, while commoners wore collars made of cheap fabrics.

As the Industrial Revolution began to transform the world, shirt collars became more accessible to the masses. Different styles emerged, each reflecting the prevailing fashion trends of the time. 

For example, the detachable collar, which could be removed and washed separately, became popular in the late 19th century. This innovation allowed for easier maintenance and greater comfort, while also providing a way to display different styles.

One of the most iconic collar styles is the spread collar. This type of collar features a wide space between the collar points, which gives it a more open and relaxed look. This style was popularized in the 1920s, during the rise of the Jazz Age. The spread collar was often paired with bold tie knots, such as the Windsor knot or the Full Windsor knot.

Another popular collar style is the button-down collar, which features small buttons that attach the collar points to the shirt. This style originated in England in the late 19th century and was popularized by Ivy League students in the 1920s. Today, the button-down collar is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

As shirt collars have evolved over time, they have become an important accessory for both men and women. A well-fitted collar can enhance a person’s facial features, while also providing a polished and sophisticated look. 

When choosing a collar style, it is important to consider factors such as face shape, body type, and personal style preferences. Additionally, accessories such as ties, bow ties, and lapel pins can be used to accentuate specific collar styles. Overall, shirt collars play an integral role in modern fashion, reflecting both our evolving sense of style and our rich historical legacy.

Classic Shirt Collars

Shirt collars are an essential element of any button-up shirt, providing a structural and stylistic focal point. They come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing for endless fashion possibilities. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at two of the most common types of shirt collars: the point collar and the button-down collar.

What is a Point Collar?

Point Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

The point collar is the most classic and versatile collar style for both men and women’s fashion. It features a pointed edge on each side of the collar and is typically medium-sized. 

This collar style can be worn in both formal and casual settings, depending on the fabric, pattern, and accompanying accessories.

  • Styling tips for point collar shirts include pairing them with a tie or bowtie for a formal look, or leaving the top button open for a relaxed and casual style. 
  • This collar style has been worn by influential figures such as James Bond, Frank Sinatra, and Steve McQueen, cementing its iconic status in fashion history.

What is a Button-Down Collar?

Button-Down Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

The button-down collar is a more casual and contemporary collar style. It originated from the sport of polo, where players buttoned down their collars to prevent them from flapping in the wind. It features two small buttons on each side of the collar, holding it in place and providing a more relaxed look.

Button-down collar shirts are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

  • Styling ideas include pairing them with chinos and a blazer for a business casual look or wearing them untucked with jeans for a laid-back weekend style.
  • Notable brands and designers that offer button-down collar shirts include Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and J. Crew. This collar style has become a popular choice for the modern man and woman, showcasing its timeless appeal in the world of fashion.

Spread Collars

When it comes to shirt collars, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Men’s fashion has a variety of collar styles that cater to different face shapes and personal styles. In this section, we will take a closer look at the different types of shirt collars that men can sport.

What is a Semi-Spread Collar?

Semi Spread Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

First up, we have the semi-spread collar. As the name suggests, it falls somewhere between a classic point collar and a spread collar. It has a wider distance between the collar points compared to a point collar, making it a versatile option that can be dressed up or down. 

  • This collar type looks great when paired with a tie for a business casual look or when worn open with jeans for a laid-back weekend outfit. 
  • Semi-spread collars work well for most face shapes but are particularly flattering for round or wider faces.

What is a Spread Collar?

Spread Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

Moving on to the spread collar, this collar type has a wide distance between the points, which creates a more open and expressive look. It is the most formal of the three collar types and is typically worn with a suit and tie for business attire. 

  • Spread collars are available in different sizes, from moderate to extreme, allowing for a variety of looks. 
  • When choosing a tie to pair with a spread collar, a full or half-Windsor knot is recommended to fill up the collar space.
  • Notable figures such as James Bond have been spotted sporting the spread collar shirt in movies.

What is a Cutaway Collar?

Cutaway Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

Lastly, we have the cutaway collar. It is a modern collar style that is becoming increasingly popular in men’s fashion. The collar points have a sharp, angled design that exposes more of the tie knot and creates a unique look. 

  • Cutaway collars are a great choice for men who want to add a contemporary and fashion-forward element to their outfits. 
  • This collar type is particularly well-suited for men with narrower faces as it can make the face look broader. 
  • High-end brands such as Tom Ford and Gucci have featured cutaway collar shirts in their collections, inspiring many to follow suit.

Women’s Fashion: The Different Types of Shirt Collars

When it comes to shirt collars, it’s not just men who get to have all the fun. Women have a plethora of options too! From Peter Pan collars to pussy bows, shirt collars in women’s fashion can range from simple and understated to bold and daring.

What is a Mandarin Collar?

Mandarin Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

One popular type of women’s shirt collar is the Mandarin collar, which is a short, stand-up collar that originates from traditional Chinese clothing. It can add a touch of elegance to a blouse or dress and is often seen on formal attire.

What is a Peter Pan collar?

Peter Pan collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

Another popular style is the Peter Pan collar, which is rounded and sits close to the neck. It was popular in the 1920s and 30s and has recently made a comeback in modern fashion. The Peter Pan collar adds a sweet and feminine touch to any outfit.

For those who want to make a statement, the ruffle collar is a perfect choice. This collar features layers of fabric that create a frilly effect, adding a playful touch to a blouse or dress.

What is a Pussy Bow Collar?

Pussy Bow Collar Image by The Clothing Manufacturers

The pussy bow collar is another standout option, which features a long tie that can be styled in a variety of ways. This collar is perfect for creating a sophisticated and polished look and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and understated collar or a bold and daring one, women’s fashion offers a range of options when it comes to shirt collars. It’s all about finding the style that suits your personal taste and adds the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Choosing the Right Shirt Collar for Your Face Shape

One of the most important factors in choosing the right shirt collar is your face shape. Different collars complement different face shapes, and understanding which collar style will best suit you can enhance your overall appearance.

A. Collars for Round Faces: If you have a round face, opt for collars that have a slimming effect such as pointed or narrow spread collars. Avoid rounded collars as they tend to emphasize the fullness of a round face.

B. Collars for Angular Faces: If you have an angular or square face, choose a rounded collar such as a club or cutaway collar. These collars will soften the sharp angles of your face and create a more balanced appearance.

C. Collars for Oval Faces: If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky as most collar styles will complement your face shape. However, pointed collars can accentuate the length of your face, so opt for a classic or spread collar instead.

D. Collars for Different Body Proportions: If you have a long neck, choose collars that are slightly taller such as a classic collar. If you have a shorter neck, avoid collars that are too high as they will make your neck appear even shorter.

E. Custom Tailoring and Collar Alterations: Sometimes, finding the perfect shirt collar can be challenging, especially if you have a unique face shape or body proportion. Custom tailoring and collar alterations can help ensure a perfect fit and style.

Sustainability And Ethical Fashion in Shirt Collars Manufacturing

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of fashion, many brands and designers are turning towards more sustainable practices. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials, reducing waste in the production process, and supporting ethical labour practices. 

When it comes to shirt collars, there are several sustainable options to consider. Some brands use organic cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Others use recycled materials, such as plastic bottles or even fishing nets, to create their fabrics. 

One such brand is G-Star RAW, which has a collection called “Raw for the Oceans” that uses recycled plastic retrieved from the ocean to create their clothing. Another brand, KOTN, uses organic cotton and supports ethical labour practices by partnering with farmers in Egypt to produce their fabric. 

In addition to choosing sustainable materials, it’s also important to consider the production process. Some brands have started to use zero-waste patterns, which ensure that every scrap of fabric is used, and nothing is thrown away. This not only reduces waste but also minimises the carbon footprint of the production process. 

It’s encouraging to see more and more brands and designers committing to sustainable and ethical practices. By supporting these companies, consumers can help reduce the impact of fashion on the environment and support fair labour practices. So, next time you’re shopping for a new shirt with a collar, consider looking for a sustainable option – you’ll be making a positive impact on the world and your wardrobe.

Unconventional Shirt Collar Styles and Trends

While classic shirt collars such as the button-down and spread collars will always be staples in men’s and women’s fashion, there are lesser-known collar styles that can add a unique touch to your wardrobe. In this section, we’ll explore three unconventional shirt collar styles: the club collar, pin collar, and bandanna collar.

What is a Club Collar?

Club Collar image by The Clothing Manufacturers

First up is the club collar. This collar style originated in the late 19th century and is characterised by its rounded edges. It was popular among Ivy League students and had a preppy and nostalgic association. 

Today, the club collar has made a resurgence in modern fashion, with designers offering updated versions in various materials and patterns. You can style a club collar shirt with a blazer or cardigan for a preppy look, or pair it with jeans for a more casual outfit. 

Some pop culture references include Ryan Gosling’s character in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and the lead singer of Vampire Weekend.

What is a Pin Collar?

Pin Collar image by The Clothing Manufacturers

Next, we have the pin collar. As the name suggests, this collar features a pin that holds the collar in place, adding a distinctive touch to any dress shirt. 

Pin collars are often associated with formal attire and are popular among dapper gentlemen. Styling tips for a pin collar shirt include pairing it with a tie that complements the colour and pattern of the pin, as well as a tailored suit. 

Pin collars come in different variations, such as straight pins and bar pins. Celebrities who have been spotted wearing pin collar shirts include David Beckham and Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

What is a Bandanna Collar?

Bandanna Collar by The Clothing Manufacturers

Lastly, we have the bandanna collar. This collar style is relatively new and is characterised by a bandanna-inspired design, with a pointed tip at the centre of the collar. The bandanna collar gives off bohemian and Western fashion vibes and is a unique alternative to traditional shirt collars. You can style a bandanna collar shirt with jeans and boots for a Western-inspired outfit, or pair it with a skirt and sandals for a bohemian look. Independent designers and artisanal brands often offer bandanna collar shirts with intricate prints and embroidery.

Different types of collars can also be complemented with Different types of Hoodies. Most of the time, hoodies hide the collar design but there are some great combinations like “Hoodie Collar”etc. Never stop yourself from covering and finding new styles and combinations.

Caring for Shirt Collars

Shirt collars are an important component of men’s and women’s fashion, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose. These simple strips of fabric have the power to transform an outfit, adding personality, style, and sophistication.

In this section, we’ll explore the different types of shirt collars, from classic to unconventional, and provide tips for caring for them so they maintain their shape and look their best.

Before we dive into the different types of shirt collars, it’s important to discuss how to properly care for them. Here are some tips for washing, ironing, storing, and repairing your shirt collars:

A. Washing and Stain Removal Techniques: Always check the care label before washing your shirts to ensure you’re following the proper instructions. When it comes to collars, use a pre-treatment stain remover on any areas that are particularly dirty or stained. When washing, use a gentle cycle and cold water to prevent shrinkage and damage to the collar. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can weaken the fabric and damage the collar.

B. Ironing and Pressing Tips for Collars: Collars should always be ironed or pressed for a polished, professional look. Start by spraying the collar with a starch spray to give it some structure. Then, iron the collar flat on a medium heat setting, making sure to avoid pressing too hard or creating creases. For stubborn wrinkles, use a damp cloth to press the collar from the inside.

C. Proper Storage to Maintain Collar Shape: Proper storage is key to maintaining the shape of your collar. Always hang your shirts on hangers with the collar buttoned to prevent them from collapsing or becoming misshapen. Avoid storing your shirts in cramped spaces, as this can cause creases and damage to the collar.

D. Collar Reinforcement and Repair: If you notice your collar is losing its shape or becoming frayed, it may be time to reinforce or repair it. Collar stays or inserts can help keep the collar in place and prevent it from collapsing. If the collar is severely damaged, take it to a professional tailor for repair or replacement.

By following these care tips, you can help ensure that your shirt collars remain in top shape and continue to enhance your outfits for years to come. Now, let’s move on to exploring the many different types of shirt collars.

Collars in Gender-Neutral Fashion

Shirt collars may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of fashion, but they play a big role in the overall look and feel of a shirt. Collars can add structure, personality, and even influence how we perceive the wearer. From classic to unconventional styles, the options are endless.

In recent years, gender fluidity has been a hot topic in fashion, and shirt collars are no exception. Many collars are now considered gender-neutral, meaning they can be worn by both men and women. This opens a whole new world of styling options and allows individuals to express themselves freely.

Gender Fluidity in Shirt Collar Styles:

When it comes to gender-neutral collar styles, the sky’s the limit. Classic collars like the point, button-down, and club collars can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. But there are also collars like the band collar, which sits closer to the neck and has no fold-over flap, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more streamlined look. The Mandarin collar is another popular gender-neutral option, with its minimalistic and modern design.

Unisex Collar Designs and Styling Inspiration:

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, there are plenty of unisex collar designs out there to choose from. The half-collar, for example, is a collar that only covers half of the neck, creating an interesting asymmetrical look. Another trendy option is the oversized collar, which can be seen on everything from blouses to dresses.

Fashion Brands Embracing Inclusive Collar Choices:

Thankfully, many fashion brands are also embracing gender-neutral collar styles, making it easier for consumers to find shirts that fit their individual style. Uniqlo, for example, offers a wide variety of gender-neutral shirts with collars ranging from classic to contemporary. Everlane is another brand that offers gender-neutral options, with collars that are both stylish and comfortable.


Shirt collars may seem like a small detail in fashion, but they play a big role in defining style and adding personality to an outfit. In this blog post, we as a UK based clothing manufacturers have delved into the historical significance of shirt collars and explored the many different types available for both men and women. 

From classic collars to spread collars, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Women’s fashion also boasts a variety of shirt collar types, including peter pan collars, ruffle collars, and bow collars. 

When choosing a shirt collar, it’s important to consider your face shape to find a style that complements your features. And once you have the perfect collar, experimenting with different styling techniques can take your fashion game to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to try unconventional collar styles and embrace collar trends, such as oversized or asymmetrical collars. With a little bit of care, your collar can remain a standout feature of your wardrobe for years to come.

Overall, shirt collars may be a small detail, but they have a big impact on style. So why not explore the world of collar fashion and find a style that suits you? The possibilities are endless!

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